Welcome to Swargarohini

"A Paradise on Earth."
The Most Beautiful Homestay in Tirthan Valley

Swargarohini – A Serene Homestay in the Heart of Mother Nature, we warmly welcome you. This property is one-of-a-kind and unusual in every way. Every day you will wake up to a beautiful sunrise and occasionally cloudy mornings (which turns this place into a heaven) along with a magnificent view of snow-capped mountains (main Tirthanvalley) and a dense evergreen pine forest at the backside, which is a true blessing, offering bird watching and beautiful hiking opportunities. When you stroll inside this pine forest, you’ll see that the trees are also marching and walking beside you (completely my experience) As a frequent traveller, my wife and I prefer to stay in tiny villages and off-the-beaten-path locations since they provide opportunities to meet nice people (villagers), learn about their culture, beliefs, and, of course, sample the delicious local cuisine. And, more importantly, we want people…who are looking for a lovely & tranquil homestay in the mountains to come here and enjoy it as much as we have. I usually stay at the property (sometimes with a friend, and sometimes with my wife) to care after your needs and comforts.
Some Highlights
✅A Perfect place for offbeat travelers.
✅A Place for nature lovers
✅Perfect location for spiritual retreat
✅Pet friendly resort/homestay

Swargarohini is run by a wonderful crew that take great care of all of your requirements and comforts. We offer everything you may possibly need. “Higher the mountains, lower the expectations,” as the saying goes, but we’ve managed to provide everything you’ll need on the property for your comfort. We have a lot to offer, such as trekking, hiking, camping, and bonfire parties.

Note: The food is excellent here. All thanks to “Hemraj,” our chef.​​